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The Forest County Historical and Genealogical Society was established in 1990 to promote and preserve the history of Forest County, Wisconsin and its inhabitants. The Board of Directors meets monthly and all members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.  We host a wide variety of projects, including our Museum, traveling school and community displays, and educational programs.

If you are interested in joining, please complete the membership application.  We appreciate your interest.


The Forest County Genealogical and Historical Society would greatly appreciate any donation no matter how small. The society functions completely on donations, gift shop sales, and grants. There are many repairs that need to be addressed as soon as possible on the museum building but the funds are not available. There are also several public programs that the society would like to provide for the community but cannot because of the lack of supplies needed to put on an event. Please donate and keep the history of Forest County alive.


A bequest is the simplest and most common form of planned giving. A testamentary gift, made by will or trust, allows you to make a substantial contribution to the Forest County Genealogical and Historical Society without diminishing the assets available to you during your lifetime. Since charitable requests are deductible from the overall size of your estate, significant estate tax savings are possible.

There are several ways to make a bequest to the Forest County Genealogical and Historical Society.

• Name the Society as a specific beneficiary, stating a fixed dollar amount or percentage of your estate that you wish to donate to the Society.
• Name the Society as a remainder beneficiary, providing for the Society to receive assets from your estate after all specific beneficiaries have received their legacies.
• Name the Society as a contingent beneficiary, transferring the assets to the Society only if someone named as a beneficiary does not survive you.

If you have already prepared a will, your attorney can add the Forest County Genealogical and Historical Society as a beneficiary through a simple amendment called a “codicil.”

In addition to cash, you may make your bequest in the form of securities, real estate or other forms of personal property.


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